August 2004

August 4th: Reid Harbor to Home

The weather was much nicer today.  We were able to head down the outside of Whidbey Island through the Straits of Juan de Fuca.   The water was great.  The only disadvantage was we were going against the current.   Instead of being able to travel our usual 10 knots,  we were down to between 6-7 knots.  It increased our travel time by a couple of hours.

We arrived at the locks mid afternoon.  We had to wait a couple of hours before we were able to enter the locks.  Tour boats and other commercial traffic had priority.  At least the rain blew over while we were waiting.   It wouldn't have been fun working the lines in the rain.

We cleared the locks around 5 pm and made it to the house just before 6pm.  As we entered Lake Washington,  Jim went down to check the engines and found that we had blown a belt and the other one was far behind.  It was a good things we were almost home.

Everything at home was in great shape.  All the animals were happy to see us.

August 3rd: Squirrel Cove to Reid Harbor

Today was a very long day.  We traveled 118 miles in about 14 hours.  Our original plan was to head straight down the Straits of Georgia to Sucia Island.  We had to modify these plans after getting tossed around in the Straits.  It was windy and at places the waves where 5-6 feet.   Once we ducked into the Gulf Islands,  the ride was much more pleasant.  From the Gulf Island,  Stuart Islands in the most convenient stop in the San Juan Islands.   Everyone was happy to be one day closer to being home.

August 1st & 2nd: Squirrel Cove

We headed over to Squirrel Cove to hook up with the Summer Wind.   We now have grown the fleet to include - Summer Wind, M&M, Kerina, Amazing Grace, Maribu, out boat and Ben Ellison's airplane.   The girls had a great time playing with all the kids.  They didn't let the water temperature dampen their spirits.  It was only 62 degrees!  (It is usually in the high 60's or low 70's)

We had a huge dinner at the The Cove restraunt at Squirrel Cove to celebrate Marge's belated birthday.  The food was wonderful and the company was great.  A good time was had by all.

We will start our drive south tomorrow.   The girls are disappointed to be leaving their friends behind - both people and sea friends from the aquarium.   It was hard from them to say good bye to everyone though I am sure they will be excited to get home and see their animals at home.