Trip Log
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August 2004
August 4th: Reid Harbor to Home
August 3rd: Squirrel Cove to Reid Harbor
August 1st - August 2nd: Squirrel Cove
July 2004
July 30th - July 31st: Laura Cove
July 28th - 29th: Gorge Harbor
July 25th - July 27th: Tenedos Bay
July 22nd - July 24th: The Secret Cove (a small cove that they don't tell many people about)
July 21st: Cameleon Harbor to Squirrel Cove
July 20th: Fury Cove to Cameleon Harbor
July 19th: Goat Harbor to Fury Cove
July 18th: Lowe Inlet to Goat Harbor
July 17th: Prince Rupert to Lowe Inlet
July 16th: Prince Rupert
July 15th: Foggy Bay to Prince Rupert
July 14th: Ketchikan to Foggy Bay
July 13th: Ketchikan
July 12th: Vixen Harbor to Ketchikan
July 11th: Anan Bay to Vixen Harbor
July 10th: Berg Bay to Anan Bay
July 9th: Wrangell to Berg Bay
July 8th: Petersburg to Wrangell
July 7th: Chapin Bay to Petersburg
July 6th: Appleton Cove to Chapin Bay
July 5th: Sitka to Appleton Cove
July 3rd-4th: Sitka
July 2nd: Kalinin Bay to Sitika
July 1st: Crab Bay to Kalinin Bay


June 2004
June 30th: Auke Bay to Crab Bay
June 29th: Auke Bay
June 28th: Downtown Juneau
June 27th: Gambier Bay to Auke Bay (Juneau)
June 26th: Red Bluff Bay to Gambier Bay
June 25th: Cosmos Bay to Red Bluff Bay
June 24th: Kalinin Bay to Cosmos Bay
June 23rd: Sitka to Kalinin Bay
June 22nd: Sitka
June 21st: Appleton Cove to Sitka
June 20th: Swanson Harbor to Appleton Cove
June 19th: North Sandy Cove to Swanson Harbor
June 18th: Reid Harbor to North Sandy Cove via Tarr Inlet
June 17th: Swanson Harbor to Reid Harbor (Glacier Bay)
June 16th: Auke Bay to Swanson Harbor
June 14th-June 15th: Auke Bay (Juneau)
June 13th: Portage Bay to Takhu Harbor
June 12th: Santa Anna Inlet to Portage Bay
June 11th: Ketchikan - Santa Anna Inlet
June 8th-June 10th: Ketchikan
June 7th: Dundas Island to Ketchikan
June 6th: Lowe Inlet to Dundas Island
June 5th: Goat Cove to Lowe Inlet
June 4th: Allison Harbor to Goat Cove
June 3rd: Squirrel Cove to Allison Harbor
June 2nd: Reid Harbor to Squirrel Cove
June 1st: Home to Reid Harbor