Trip Log
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August 2005
August 6: Buccaneer Bay -  South Thormanby Island
August 2-5: Laura Cove
July 2005
July 30-August 1: Gorge Harbor
July 28-29: Pendrell Sound
July 25-27: Tenedos Bay
July 22-24: Laura Cove
July 20-21: Squirrel Cove
July 19: Cameleon Harbor to Squirrel Cove
July 18: Allison Harbor to Cameleon Harbor
July 17: Goat Cove to Allison Harbor
July 16: Lowe Inlet to Goat Cove
July 15: Foggy Bay to Lowe Inlet
July 14: Foggy Bay
July 13: Ketchikan to Foggy Bay
July 12: Ketchikan (Jim & Dave)
July 12-19: Bellevue (Nancy, Jacquie & Christine)
July 11: Vixen Harbor to Ketchikan
July 10: Anan Creek to Vixen Harbor
July 09: Berg Bay to Anan Creek
July 08: Wrangell to Berg Bay
July 07: Farragut Bay to Wrangell
July 06: Tracy Arm Cove to Farragut Bay
July 05: Tracy Arm Cove to Tracy Arm Cove via South Sawyer Glacier
July 04: Auke Bay to Tracy Arm Cove
July 03: Auke Bay
July 02: Swanson Harbor to Auke Bay
July 01: Appleton Cove to Swanson Harbor
June 2005
June 30: Kalinin Bay to Appleton Cove
June 29: Sitka to Kalinin Bay
June 26-28: Sitka
June 25: Kalinin Bay to Sitka
June 24: Double Cove to Kalinin Bay
June 23: Didrickson Bay to Double Cove
June 22: Dundas Bay to Didrickson Bay (Portlock Harbor)
June 21: Swanson Harbor to Dundas Bay - West Arm
June 20: Taku Harbor to Swanson Harbor
June 19: Portage Bay to Taku Harbor
June 18: Wrangell to Portage Bay
June 17: Vixen Harbor to Wrangell
June 16: Ketchikan to Vixen Harbor
June 12-15: Ketchikan
June 11: Dundas Island to Ketchikan
June 10: Lowe Inlet to Dundas Island
June 09: Goat Harbor to Lowe Inlet
June 08: Oliver Cove to Goat Harbor
June 07: Allison Harbor Cove to Oliver Cove
June 06: Squirrel Cove to Allison Harbor
June 05: Reid Harbor Squirrel Cove
June 04: Home to Reid Harbor