August 2005

August 6-7: Buccaneer Bay to Home

We left Buccaneer Bay first thing in the morning and started our run south.  We arrived in Friday Harbor around 2:30 to clear US Customs.   Our initial plan was to stay in Friday Harbor for the evening and then head south in the morning.   Friday Harbor was an absolute ZOO!  After watching many clueless people almost run into other people,  we decided to make tracks and not stick around.   We continued southward and through Deception Pass.

With really no good places to stay,  we decided to keep pressing forward.  We arrived at the Ballard Locks just before 11 pm and had to wait about 30 minutes for the lock guys to decided to get to work and let us in.  By the time they had done that,  there were 3 other boats that needed to go through the locks.  We were by far the only boat that really had our act together.  The other 3 boats (and one of them was at least 50 feet) didn't really appear to have much of a clue.  

It is now about 12:30 AM and we just went through the Mountlake Cut into Lake Washington. We are about 6 miles from the dock.  The kids have finally passed out and it is very peaceful!  They can't wait to see their cats and horses tomorrow - or shall I say, later in the day.

August 5: Laura Cove to Buccaneer Bay

We leave Laura Cove around noon and ran down to Buccaneer Bay.  The ride was nice as was the weather.  We hiked around the sandy beach in the bay after dinner and enjoyed watching "Finding Neverland".   We highly recommend the movie.

August 2-4: Laura Cove

We have a wonderful time in Laura Cove.   We did a little of everything - swimming off the boats,  jumping off the summer wind,  knee boarding, wind gliding, the rope swing,  swimming in the "secret place" (a little cove in the cut between Laura and Meliane Cove), dug clams,  visited "Connie's Island" and the kids learned to dive.   We even saw two dear swim across the channel,  climb onto the beach than then groom themselves before wandering off into the woods.  I watched them for at least 10 minutes and they didn't appear to be concerned by my presence.

We also did a little mini birthday celebration for me as my birthday is on August 7th.