More Photos of Vashon and JQ

Just thought I would post a few more photos if JQ and Vashon.  These are from her lesson on Sunday.

Photos from JQ recent Lesson

Jacquie and Vashon have been doing great together.   Jacquie is getting more and more consistent and Vashon is performing great.   Last weekend, they schooled around a 3′6″-3′9″ course and at the end of her lesson – Cathy raised one of the oxers to 4′3″.  They cleared it without any difficulties.

Today for her lesson, they jumped a solid 3′6″ in the pouring rain.  Despite being soaking wet, JQ came away with a big smile.

April Thunderbird Schooling Show

The last weekend in April,  JQ and Vashon competed in a two day schooling show at Thunderbird.  The classes were huge and JQ and Vashon did great.

Hiking Mahaulepu Beach Area

We spent some time hiking in the Mahaulepu Beach area today.  We started at Kawailoa Bay and hiked over to Haula Beach.    The hike is along the cliffs with the ocean crashing below.  It is a easy beautiful hike and would go back again.

After our hike, guess were we went.   That’s right, Lappert’s Ice Cream again!  We’ve now started another punch card.  The kids goal is to complete it before we leave town Friday night. 

A very strong current cut our afternoon snorkling trip short.   It was way too much work, so we hit the pool instead.  For dinner,  we headed Kalaheo Coffee Company & Cafe.   We had a great time.  The service, food and desserts were all outstanding.   It made for a very enjoyable evening.

More Adventures from Kauai

On Tuesday, we  spent most of the day on the north side of the island.  Jacquie went for a trail ride and then we drove up to the end highway.  We stopped at Kee Beach and hiked briefly on the Kalulau Trail.    We started up the trail to try to catch a view of the Na Pali coast line, but turned around when Jacquie sprained her ankle.

On the way back into town,  we stopped yet again at Lappert’s Ice Cream (the 3rd time in 3 days!) to finish out our punch card.    After dinner, we hit the pool for another refreshing evening dip.

(Pictures will be posted when we return home.  It’s too much work to process the D300 images on JQ’s computer.)

More Snorkling Pictures and a few from the Beach

We went snorkling this morning at Poipu Beach.    The weather and water conditions made for a great trip.  

We also spent a little time in the Mahaulepu Beach area.   We visited Gillin’s Beach and Kawailoa Bay.   We plan to go back later in the week when we have more time to spend in the area. 

A Day at the Beach

After attending Easter services at St. Raphel (the oldest Catholic church on Kauai),  we headed out to the Spouting Horn and then out to Salt Pond Park to do some snorkling.  The snorkling out there was somewhat of a bust as the visibility was poor,  the water rough and not too many fish.    The kids stuck it out and saw a few fish and a Gould’s Bubble snail.    They also enjoyed buring themselves in the sand.

After arriving back at the hotel,  the kids and Jim hung out in the room and I went snorkling again.  This time it was great!   I saw a ton of different fish and a manta ray!   There were also a couple of monk seals on the beach.    If the weather and water are better, we will take the girls out again tomorrow.