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Post Surgery – Day 6

Here are a couple of pictures we took at school.  She has had very little difficulties in the classroom.   The other kids have been wonderful.   She was a little self conscious at first, but once we talked to her class about going to the hospital and why she had the surgery,  she has been her [...]

Post Surgery – Day 4

Christine is continues to do great.   She was upset about not being able to go swimming,  but otherwise very happy.   Slowing her down has been the hardest part of the healing process.

Post Surgery – Day 2

Christine went back to school today.  She had a really good time seeing all of her friends.   With Spring Break being the week before surgery,  she hadn’t seen them in over a 1.5 weeks.  She didn’t have any problems transitioning back to school.   I was more worried than she was.
After school,  we played t-ball in [...]

Post Surgery – Day 1

Since we weren’t sure how Christine  would feel later in the day,  Christine stayed home from school today.   She joined Jacquie’s class on a field trip to a play,  went out to lunch with Mom and Dad and then headed to the barn to visit our pony.   She was disappointed to miss her usual horseback [...]

Surgery Day

Being the first procedure for the day,  we had to arrive at the hospital by 6 AM.   This meant leaving our house around 5:20 to ensure we made it with enough time.   No one was really excited about getting up that early.   The morning birds were very beautiful,  but it was still much to early [...]

Day Before Surgery

All through out the day,  Christine was telling everyone – even random people in line at the mall – that she was going to have a day surgery on her lip.   She seems ready and her only apprehension is not being able to suck her thumb afterwards.
She was also very excited when the ENT removed [...]