Christine’s Bugs Science Video

Christine put together a video for her science class about the bugs she found around the yard.  Check it out.
Bugs Around the Yard

Graduation Day!

It’s graduation day for Jacquie!   She is now officially a member of SHS  graduating class of 2009!    The day was a long and busy one – Baccalaureate Mass,  all school assembly, brunch,  graduation practice, dinner with her grandparents, the graduation and finally the reception.    I don’t think we could have fit much else in there.     [...]

Field Day – The Green Team

Both girls were green for Field Day today.   Their team placed 2nd.

Peter Pan Photos

Jacquie had a great time in the role of Mrs. Darling in the Sacred Heart School’s Production of Peter Pan.  She was also one of Captain Hook’s pirates.   Here are the links to the photos from the play:
Tuesday Dress Rehearsal
Wednesday Dress Rehearsal
Thursday Night
Friday Night
Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Night

Christine’s Basketball Team Makes the Playoffs

Christine’s team  ended their season 3-2 – earning a bearth to the playoffs.  Their first playoff game is Saturday vs. St Louise.    The  “Battle of Bellvue” will be a tough match up.   Go Spartans!

Peter Pan Audition Results

Jacquie has been cast as Mrs. Darling and  a pirate in the SHS Playmakers production of Peter Pan.    She excited about being a sword fighting pirate and a little apprehensive about singing as Mrs. Darling.  I’m sure she’ll be fabulous!
The show runs April 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Will we have a repeat performance?

Jacquie played a lost boy in Evergreen Academy’s production of Peter Pan when she was in kindergarten.   Will she have a repeat performance in 8th grade?   Jacquie is very exciting about trying out for the SHS Playmaker’s Spring production of Peter Pan.