June 2004

June 29th: Auke Bay
Jacquie and her 9 pound chum
June 28th: Mt. Roberts
Nancy and the girls
The Kids
Greg and Jim
One marmot on the trail
Ptarmigan mother
Ptarmigan Chick
June 21-25th
Nancy with a 13 pound King
Greg with a 30 pound King
Jacquie fishing
Jill & Elizabeth
Greg, Elizabeth & Jill kayaking near the falls in Red Bluff Bay
June 21st-22nd, 2004: Sitka
Juvenile Bald Eagle in Flight
Another eagle in flight
Yet another eagle in flight
The harbor
Volta - Go to your room!
An eagle perching near the river
The kids with Melissa (Christine had left to go back to the boat)
Coming in for a landing #1
Coming in for a landing #2
Mid air conflict
June 18th & June 19th, 2004
Bear in North Sandy Cove
Jacquie and Tyler Kayaking
Two moose swimming across the channel
Puffin #1
Puffin #2
Sea lions #1
Sea lions #2
Sea Otter
Glacier #1
Glacier #2
Glacier #3
Glacier #4
June 17th, 2004
Nesting Seagulls
People by the Glacier
Jim with and "Ice Tongue"
Thomas Family
Schoeggl Family
Reid Glacier
The Boat
Mountains Again
Sea Otters
Jacquie with Binoculars
June 15th, 2004
The Mendenhall Glacier and Falls
The Mendenhall Glacier and the meadow
Christine running at the glacier
The kids approaching the falls
Elizabeth, Jacquie and Tyler by the falls
Finally, all 4 kids in one picture!
The boats & mountains
June 14th, 2004
Breaching whale from a long  ways away
June 13th, 2004: Takhu Harbor
Jacquie on the beach
Christine hiding
Remains of the cannery
June 11th, 2004
Jim and a huge prawn
The giant prawn
Jacquie shows the size difference between the largest and one of the smaller ones
An eagle in Wrangell Narrows
June 1 - June 7
Deception Pass
Buttedale - We take this same picture each year!
Orca that was swimming near the boat as Jim & Marty fished