June 2005

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Ketchikan to Wrangell

Wrangle to Swanson Harbor

Swanson Harbor to Sitka

June 29 & 30: Kalinin Bay & Underway

Deer in Kalinin Bay

Eagle Nest

Jacquie's 20 pound King

Whale Blow

June 27 & 28: Sitka

Sitka - An eagle at the Raptor Center

Eagle Landing

King Fisher

Wet Eagle

Peek-a-Boo Eagle

June 26: Sitka - Raptor Center and Local Eagles

Christine's Volta Photo #1

Christine's Volta Photo #2

Christine's Photo during the Rapter Center Presentation

Jacquie's  Volta - "The Turkey"

Jacquie - Local Eagle Flying

Jacquie taking pictures

Christine taking pictures

Nancy's Volta Shot #1

Nancy's Volta Shot #2

Nancy's Local Eagle - "Out of my way!"

June 25: Fishing & Sitka

Nancy and her 22 pound king

Jacquie and her 15 pound king

Christine and her 19 pound king

Oliver - the golden Eagle at the Raptor Center

Eagle Photo #1

Eagle Photo #2

Eagle Photo #3

Eagle Photo #4


June 24: Kalinin Bay

Leaving Double Cove

Sea Otter Family

Eagle we saw while fishing J

im and his 18 pound king

Christine and her 8 pound chum salmon


June 23: Double Cove

Christine in the water.  She will lose her boot shortly.

Jacquie trying to get in the dingy

Wave Riding!

June 22: Dunday Bay

Brown Bear Photo #1

Brown Bear Photo #2

Sea Lion

Sea Lions on the rocks

June 21: Dundas Bay

Orcas approaching the boat

Orca Jump #1

Orca Jump #2

Sea Otter #1

Sea Otter #3

Humpback Whale and Seal


June 20: Swanson Harbor

Orca Whale Tail

Two Orca Whales & Mountains

Single Orca and Mountains

Three at once Another Tail Splash

Three heading off towards Pt. Retreat

June 18: Fishing, Wrangell Narrows and Petersburg

Jacquie, Nancy and their fish

Christine, Nancy and the fish

Jacquie's Fish - 18 pounds!



Whale #1

Whale #2

Whale #3


June 17: Wrangell

Petroglyph #1

Petroglyph #2



June 16: Vixen Harbor

Jim, Jacquie and a couple of crabs

The Crab

June 4 - June 15: Jim & Marty's Trip to Ketchikan


Seagulls on a Log


Eagle in a Tree

Whales - Mom and Calf

Jim's Fish Marty's Fish

Jim Underway

Marty Underway

Ketchikan Boat Harbor

An Eagle at the Boat Harbor