August 31 & September 1, 2002

Jacquie is continuing to work on her jumping.   She is really enjoying the challenge and looks forward to the opportunity to jump.  Her confidence and skills are improving every time she rides.   Spirit also seems to enjoy the work with her.  He has been a very good boy.

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August 24, 2002

Jacquie rode at the Gold Creek Hunter Show today. Here's the link to the pictures.

August 16 & 18, 2002

Jacquie is getting back in the swing of things after having 2 months off for our annual boat trip.  She is back to cantering and working on her jumping.   She is very excited about jumping and is working very hard so she can learn to canter courses.

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May 18, 2002

Jacquie rode in a Hunter Show today.  Here's the pictures and the story.

May 11, 2002

Here's the link to the pictures for the May 11, 2002 show at Hollywood Hills Saddle Club.   Jacquie and Spirit looked great.

May 4, 2002

Jacquie and Spirit rode in the Dressage show at Gold Creek today.  The rode the first two Walk/Trot tests.  Jacquie improved her score 23 points on the first test receiving 113/190 and placing 3rd.  On the second test, she scored 107 points placing 2nd.   Overall they did very well and improved upon the first show they in April. 

April 20, 2002

Jacquie and Spirit participated in the Hunter Show at Gold Creek today.   The entered the Walk/Trot and Ground Pole classes again.   They did a great job once again placing 1st and 8th.   Jacquie was also the Reserve High Point winner (2nd in points) for the Walk/Trot division.

Nancy also rode Chloe today in the show.  She entered Walk/Trot and Ground Poles.   In her division of Walk/Trot (11 and older) she placed 3rd and in Ground Poles (which was an open class so she rode against Jacquie) placed 7th.

The pictures of Jacquie riding were limited today as Nancy was riding rather than taking pictures.  The pictures are here.  Also in the pictures are  Kaitie & Ace,  Alex & Sam and Helga & Cole. 

April 13, 2002

Jacquie and Spirit entered their first Dressage show today.   They placed 3rd in the Intro Walk/Trot test.  It was a good learning experience for both of them.  Jacquie is planning on trying both test 1 & 2 in the May 4th show.

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Jacquie's friend Kaitie and Ace.   

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March 9, 2002

Jacquie and Spirit entered their first show together today.  They participated in the Walk/Trot and Ground Pole Classes.   They did an awesome job together.   They placed 7th and 2nd respectively and looked pretty darn cute doing it.    Jacquie's friend Kaitie also did great on her pony Ace.  Both girls had a wonderful time and were very supportive of each other!

A special thanks to Helga for spending tons of time braiding manes!  The ponies looked fantastic!

February 27, 2002

Spirit and Jacquie had a good lesson today.  They did ground work, followed by a canter and then practiced a small course.  Here's a video of Jacquie cantering on Spirit.

February 20, 2002

Jacquie did general ground work today as well as a small jump.   Jacquie and Spirit are still learning to work together.  They had a few challenging moments today,  but over all it was a good ride.  Spirit sure loves to jump!

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February 9, 2002

Jacquie worked on trotting over ground poles and small x's today.

February 8, 2002

Today, Jacquie worked on cantering and also jumping a small crossbar jump.   She had a great time and really enjoying working with Spirit.  She is really taking pride in caring for him.   She truly loves her pony!

January 22, 2002:  More pictures of Jacquie and Spirit.  

January 21, 2002: Jacquie and Spirit

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Video of Jacquie riding Spirit

January 4, 2002: A few more pictures around the barn.

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