December 27 & 28, 2001: A few pictures of Jacquie with her favorite horse - Lightning.

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December 16, 2001:  Photos from the Christmas party at Gold Creek are on the Nov-Dec 2001 page.

November 10, 2001: Jacquie participated in a schooling show at Gold Creek today.  She did very well and had a great time.  She placed 2nd in the Walk/Trot division and 3rd in Ground Poles.  She was also the High Point winner for the Walk/Trot division.   Here's the link the pictures.

Photo Collage of Show Pictures

I'll post video later.

November 2, 2001:  More pictures of Jacquie and Lightning.  Jacquie and Lightning are preparing for a schooling show on November 10, 2001 at Gold Creek.

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October 20, 2001: Jacquie riding Lightning

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 October 16, 2001:  A couple of pictures riding today Kaluha at Gold Creek.

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August 24, 2001:  Here are a few pictures of Jacquie riding Megan at the demonstration at the end of Pony Camp.

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Jan 16, 2001:  Here are a few current pictures of Jacquie at the stable.  She is still riding Crissy (though she does switch off to Star and Megan from time to time.)  Her most recent accomplishment is canter on her own off the lunge line.  She loves it.

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