June 10, 2000:  Jacquie is in a schooling show

Jacquie's First Horse Show

March 16, 2000:  It's been a while since we have posted new pictures to this page.  Jacquie has been doing some really exciting things the past month.  She is cantering (slow gallop) on a lunge line and jumping over small jumps and loving every minute of it.  Here are a few pictures from today's lesson along with some video from March 11th.  The video quality isn't the best as I was trying to keep it small for net posting.

Jacquie and Crissy

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Cantering on the lunge line

canter1.jpg (34506 bytes) canter2.jpg (38229 bytes)

A video clip of Jacquie cantering


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A video clip of Jacquie jumping

Dec 9th, 1999:  A few pictures of Jacquie riding.  The boots are a little large because I forgot to bring hers!

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May 26th, 1999:  Jacquie is still riding and enjoying every minute of it.   Today, she trotted all by herself with NO hands while posting the entire time!   Her balance is great and she is quite the show woman.   Here are some pictures from today.

Jacquie and Crissy    Proudly riding Crissy    Time for a walk outside    Around the World    Removing Tack

Jacquie on Crissy (47k)   Jan 8, 1999:  Jacquie had her first horse riding lesson at Holly Hill Training Center today.  She LOVED it and did great.  She helped groom the horse, put the saddle on and lead Crissy to the arena.  Next she rode one a the pony on a long lead line while she learned how to get her going, turn, and stop.  She also worked on balance.  After a little while, her instructor took the line off and she rode around directing the horse on her own, while the instructor walked right beside her.   (Crissy is an older pony that is very patient and good with the new riders.)    When the riding portion of the lesson was over, she helped groom the horse again, take the saddle off, put the blanket on and lead her back to the stall.    Jacquie was focused the entire time and I was very proud of her!

More Pictures (quality isn't the best because they were captured off of video and the lighting wasn't the best).

Brushing Crissy (33817 bytes)    No Hands! (32986 bytes)    Riding (33574 bytes)    All by Myself (33260 bytes)    Removing Saddle (37754 bytes)    Taking Crissy Back (33733 bytes)