Christine's Riding Page

September 1, 2002

Christine continues to ride Spirit in her lessons.   She is progressing towards getting off the lunge line.  Today,  she circled the entire arena on her own at a walk!   Helga sent her on her way and we all watched as she made it all the way around without any assistance.   Spirit was an absolute prince.   I've been very impressed with how well behaved he is with Christine.   He sure knows how to take care of his girls.

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August 16 & 18, 2002

Christine has started having her lessons on Spirit.   She is getting back in the swing of things after being off all summer.

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August 10, 2002

Christine rode Ace (Kaitie's pony) in the lead-line class at the Evergreen Classic.   She was very excited about the first place ribbon that all the participants received.   

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May 11, 2002

Christine rode in her first show today.   She rode in a lead-line class with Spirit.  Here's the link to the pictures.

March 6, 2002

Christine has inherited Jacquie's old show coat.  She absolutely loves it and had to show it off during her lesson this week.

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Feb 27, 2002

Here's a video of Christine posting on Gremlin.

Feb 20, 2002

Christine - sporting her new chaps from her friend Katie - rode Gremlin again today.  She practiced posting with no hands!   She did a great job.  

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February 6, 2002

Christine is doing well with her posting.  It is really starting to click.  Here is a picture of her on Gremlin.

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January 23, 2002

January 11, 2002

Christine had her second riding lesson today.  She rode Snowflake and worked on posting while walking and trotting.

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Christine riding Snowflake

December 26, 2001

Christine had her first riding lesson today at Gold Creek Equestrian Center.   She looked incredibly cute in Jacquie's old riding pants/fleece and her new boots and helmet.  She had a great time grooming and riding Snowflake and says she is ready to start taking lessons on a regular basis.

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